Health Surveillance

Do your risk or COSHH assessments highlight the need for health surveillance? more info

Sickness Absence Management

Do your overtime costs suggest that your sickness absence levels need managing? more info

Musculo-Skeletal Disorder

Are your staff reporting muscular problems relating to work processes or moving and handling? more info

About Peritus Health

Is your insurer offering discounted premiums where good occupational health provision is in place? more info

Peritus Health Management is the most cost-effective provider of occupational health services to businesses in the Yorkshire Region.

Working closely with our customers, we identify needs and priorities so that our wide range of services are tailored to fit and contribute towards business goals.

We tell you what you need, not sell you what you don't.

Our expertise can help you:
  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Improve employee performance
  • Reduce litigation and prosecution costs through legislative compliance