Our Values

Our Values

We believe that a business’ most valuable asset is its employees.

We acknowledge that the people who make up your workforce are your most valuable asset.

We offer our expert knowledge, experience and diverse range of skills to help your workforce enjoy all the possible benefits of optimum health and feel motivated to perform.

We believe in professional relationships

We understand that the area of Occupational Health is specialised, and we are committed to helping you navigate the often-unfamiliar occupational health and medical systems to bring clarity to issues that may be causing you difficulties and plan for a smooth service delivery.

We offer you a dedicated Occupational Health Adviser to co-ordinate if not provide your services. They are supported by a network of practitioners covering all major disciplines to ensure you and your workforce receive the best possible advice and support.

We believe in providing value for money

We believe in using our experience and understanding to offer customers a tailor made service. We will tell you what you need, not sell you what you don’t.

If there is a more cost-effective way of achieving your objectives, we will help you find it. We want you to be delighted in the services you receive and for you to be able to see the cost-benefit to receiving them.

We believe in quality of care

We are committed to promoting best practice, which means that all of our staff are aware of legal, ethical and clinical requirements relating to our practice and receive continued professional development to ensure that they are competent in the services they provide.

We believe that an informed workforce performs better. We will ensure that all of your workforce who have been assessed by our Occupational Health Advisers will understand the reason for and outcome of the assessments. We will work with you to inform, educate and train your workforce.

We believe in making sure that you understand and appreciate the relevance of our reports and recommendations and commit to delivering comprehensive and appropriate reports and results promptly and efficiently.

We believe in quality improvement and welcome constructive feedback to help to continually improve your experience of Occupational Health.

We believe in sharing

We recognise that Health, Safety, Environmental, and Employment law is constantly changing. Experience and understanding also continually enriches our practice.

We believe that with over 50 years’ experience of working with a wide range of clients covering diverse business areas, we have a lot of experience to share and this grows daily too.

We also believe that where customers can support other customers by sharing experiences, those links should be forged with mutual consent.

We believe in clarity

We believe that customers should be given clear written information which covers:

Published date: 19th February 2018

Last revision: 17th July 2019

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