Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Peritus Health Management is committed to provide safe and effective occupational health and hygiene services to customers. During the course of conducting our business, we process a significant amount of personal and special category data and will ensure that all personal information will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations and other relevant legal and professional guidance.  We want our staff and service users to be confident that personal data is being handled responsibly and securely.


We are considered Joint Data Controllers for the services that we provide our Customers as we rely on them to provide us with specific information so that we can ensure we are controlling data in accordance with the key principles of the GDPR.  Our joint responsibilities are confirmed in a Data Sharing Agreement which is discussed at the start of the contract or on the implementation of the GDPR.


We provide our clients (service users) with Privacy Notices so that they are aware of their rights and the arrangements for information governance in relation to the occupational health and occupational hygiene service provision.

Our full Information Governance Policy is available for your reference.

Our Data Protection Officer is available to respond to any of your questions via email or telephone 01484 722444.

Published date: 19th February 2018

Last revision: 11th June 2020

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