Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Peritus Health Management works with employers to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of their most important resource, their staff, creating a healthier workplace and workforce. It also protects and enhances the image of the business and its reputation as a good employer.

From email and poster campaigns to in-house initiatives and health and well-being days, we can provide a variety of options to meet your needs and budget. We provide bespoke health and wellbeing strategies to meet your objectives, and these are tailored for all staff members.


Why you need it

Health refers to both a person’s physical (body) and mental (mind) fitness. Wellbeing is how people feel and function on an individual and social level. It covers the way they feel about their lives, including their jobs, and their relationships with the people around them.

Having a healthy workforce can have an immensely positive impact on your organisation! Healthy staff are more likely to:


What to expect

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Published date: 25th October 2019

Last revision: 29th July 2020

Taking care of your workforce

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