Health Risk Management

Health Risk Management

Health Risk Management is an essential part of any company’s health and safety strategy and should follow the same risk management approach: identification and assessment of risk, controlling exposure, training, health surveillance and review. A health risk assessment focuses specifically on the health risks within the workplace that are not always evident without directed attention. It is the basis for deciding what response is needed to eliminate, control and minimise health risks within your working environment and should be undertaken by those who understand the risks.

Peritus Health Management’s competent Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene specialists can support you with the health risk assessments. A site visit will help us to understand your processes and discuss your current risk management strategies. We can review your safety data sheets with you or train and support you so that you are confident in doing this yourselves. This will identify potential health risks.

The occupational hygiene team provides you with the science behind the health risk management as they quantify the risks (more information). This will determine the level of risk, whether further control measures are required and if biological monitoring or health surveillance is indicated. A health risk matrix is produced so that you can avoid blanket health screening for all employees which is not only costly, but can lead to misleading evaluation data.

Having identified your health risks, we can help with your risk management action planning. It could be as simple as changes to procedures, developing tool box talks for employees, selecting the correct personal protective equipment or more complex support with specifying Local Exhaust Ventilation solutions.

Health risk assessment can also be used to identify your fitness for work standards so that you can identify where adjustments are required on commencement of employment or following sickness absence.

Peritus Health Management’s integrated Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene team can assist you through this process to ensure a complete and competent approach to health risk management.

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Published date: 14th February 2018

Last revision: 17th July 2019

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