Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health is a specialist branch of healthcare that focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of employees in the workplace.

Occupational Health Specialists aim to:

Where do we start?

Managing health risks can sometimes be a journey. There isn’t usually a quick and finite solution.

Our highly experienced and competent occupational health and vocational rehabilitation specialists play a vital role in not only providing effective sickness absence rehabilitation and return to work strategies when employees are already ill, but also in giving expert advice and support to help prevent ill health in the first place.

Peritus Health Management offers support with health risk identification. We arrange a site walk around, review your work activities and exposures and support you by completing a health risk matrix, to help target your health risks and prioritise your health risk management strategy and improvement plans if required.

We recommend that you start with achieving legal compliance, then addressing areas which offer a business/commercial advantage, before looking at the ‘nice to haves’. Using this approach helps to focus your priorities and budget and reduces the risk of HSE intervention.

Employers are responsible for contracting competent persons or services.

Once you have an understanding of these issues, you are able to translate these into a contract agreement or tender document. To ensure you are contracting competent services, we recommend you ensure:

  • the occupational health services are overseen by a Specialist Occupational Health Doctor or Nurse registered with the General Medical Council or Nursing and Midwifery Council.
  • Peritus Health Management is led by Amanda Dowson, a Specialist Practitioner in Occupational Health Nursing recorded part 3 of the NMC Register and Corporate Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.
  • We also are supported by a qualified and experienced Occupational Physician who is a Member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.
  • the occupational health services have appropriate levels of public liability and professional indemnity insurance
  • Peritus Health Management has appropriate liability insurance, meets the standards required by Network Rail and evidence is available on request
  • Clinical and technical teams are familiar with your industry and organisation
  • Peritus Health Management undertakes a health needs assessment at the start of any relationship and if we are not familiar with your specific industry, we will research the industry and arrange a site visit to gain the insight required to ensure we are able to competently provide your services.
  • clinical teams are suitably qualified and experienced.
  • the clinical and technical teams are suitably qualified and experienced to meet our exacting standards. Each new member of the clinical team is required to undertake an intense period of study and clinical supervision before final assessment and ‘clinical sign-off’. They participate in continual professional development and significantly exceed recommended CPD requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Council.
  • All equipment used to monitor either health or exposure should have valid calibration certificates
  • Peritus Health Management’s equipment is calibrated on an annual basis, with the exception of the alcohol breathalysers which are calibrated every six months. Certificates are available on request.
  • Occupational Hygiene teams are undertaking exposure monitor to meet the required HSE standards and cover all areas of the work processes so that peaks in exposure are captured in the monitoring period.
  • Peritus Health Management’s hygiene teams are on site at the start of the shift to the end of the shift to capture, set up and clean down.
  • Our Occupational Hygienists work with you to create an action plan to reduce exposure so far as reasonably practicable rather than provide you with just the measured results.
  • quality assurance schemes are in place to ensure that the occupational health teams are delivering appropriate levels of service
  • Peritus Health Management is accredited by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine as meeting the Safe and Effective Quality Occupational Health Service (SEQOHS) standards and by RISQS for meeting the Network Rail standards for Fitness for Competency and Drugs and Alcohol Testing.
  • arrangements are in place to define the role of the employer and the occupational health service provider in relation to the joint control of sensitive data
  • Peritus Health Management has an Information Governance Policy in place and management ensures that all its staff understand their responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulations, Data Protection Act, and Medico-Legal Guidance.
  • Peritus Health Management has a standardised Data Sharing Agreement which confirms responsibilities and defines how they control data. An agreement is required between Peritus Health Management and their customers to ensure compliance with the GDPR.
  • service level agreements are defined so that you know what you are purchasing.
  • Peritus Health Management provides each Customer with a Customer Handbook which explains in detail the services provided, responsibilities within the service provision and our Key Performance Indicators.
  • Our Terms and Conditions are provided on commencement of a contract.

Peritus Health Management brings together in one place, evidence-based and SEQOHS quality accredited, health risk management: taking risk management beyond just ‘safety’ and legal compliance to create a happy, healthy workforce.

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Published date: 19th February 2018

Last revision: 23rd July 2020

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