Sickness Absence Case Management

Sickness Absence Case Management

Sickness absence case management demonstrates care, value and commitment to the workforce, illustrating that recovery and rehabilitation for sick employees is important to the business.

‘the economic costs of ill-health and its impact on work are measurable; but the human costs are often hidden’

Professor Dame Carol Black (2017) ‘Occupational health: the value proposition’ Society of Occupational Medicine.

For employees, it supports them in their rehabilitation, gradually increasing their personal capabilities and resilience, helps to maintain their status as contributing to the household, and relieves concern that their job may be in jeopardy.

For employers, it reduces direct and indirect impacts of sickness absence such as the costs of hiring and paying for temporary replacement staff; missed deadlines; customer dissatisfaction; low morale amongst colleagues; and diminished reputation (ACAS 2014).

Peritus Health Management’s Occupational Health specialists have unique training, expertise and perspective to understand the link between health and work.  Their role in sickness absence case management is to:

With the consent of the employee, a clear occupational health report can be provided to management on the employee’s capacity for work based on the job requirements and recommended rehabilitation plans as appropriate.

Occupational health specialist can continue to support the employee through their recovery, ensuring that they adhere to the treatment and rehabilitation plan and it remains current and appropriate.  Barriers to a successful and sustainable return to full duties can be identified and monitored.

At times, employees remain unfit for work over a long-term period and employers may decide that the time has arrived that they can no longer cope with their continued absence.  Valuable guidance provided by the Court of Appeal in relation to the case of Bolton St Catherine’s Academy v O’Brien [2017] EWCA Civ 145 (15 March 2017) has illustrated the need for decisions regarding an employee’s continued employment must be made on medical evidence and evidence of the disruption to the business of the continued absence.

Peritus Health Management offers continued or ad hoc sickness absence case management support. For more information, contact us.

Published date: 9th April 2018

Last revision: 26th July 2019

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